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Head over to FeatherCast, where some amazing volunteers are posting audio recordings of all(?) sessions at this year's ApacheCon! Session audio is being posted during the day of most sessions as they're available, so check it out, and catch those other two talks you really wanted to attend during the day. Thanks to Rich, Cliff, and the other volunteers who've provided this great archive.

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We're working on getting these online as soon as we can. They'll be posted onto Lanyrd at the end of the event; we may drop a few in before then. Thanks in advance for your patience if your favorite session's slide deck isn't online yet -- it will be.

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Stressed at ApacheCon? Of course not - you're among friends, and there are plenty of people with an Ask Me! button to help. But if travel stress is still with you, or your hands are getting tired from your keyboard, then come by registration desk outside the expo area to get a massage from experts from the hotel's Vida Spa! Michael and Vita will be available for a quick back or hand massage during select breaks at ApacheCon: Wednesday, November 9... [read more]

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The PGP Keysigning is taking place at 7PM during the Welcome Reception on Wednesday 9 November. To participate, submit your PGP key by NOON PT today -- we'll see you there!!

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Be sure to tag your tweets, photos, SMS texts, and blog posts with the #ApacheCon hashtag -- your contributions will be integrated into the ApacheCon Memories image mosaics created interactively live throughout the conference! Check out the just-launched ApacheCon Memories at http://memories.apachecon.com/ --all built using a variety of Apache technologies.

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ApacheCon doesn't stop after our main sessions are done - there are plenty of afterhours activities. Stick around after the early evening activities and signup to attend some Meetups at 8pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Remember: Meetups are free, even for non-conference attendees. Click through to each individual Meetup page to register your interest and to see their agendas. Tuesday Meetups: OpenOffice, Traffic Server, Big Top W... [read more]

Shane Curcuru: Hey! Remember that the first meetups for OpenOffice, TrafficServer, and BigTop are tonight, Tuesday night. They show up on the Trainings schedule, so be sure to add them to your CrowdVine / Connect schedule by clicking through to the session block he... [read more]
Nelson Marcos de Almeida: Hi Guys! Can someone update the infos in the TrafficServer wiki? Right now it points to the meeting of 2009. https://cwiki.apache.org/TS/trafficserver-meetup.html Regards, NM
Shane Curcuru: Sure, but where is the link to this year's meetup? I couldn't find one anywhere - I'll be happy to update it if someone can post or email to me.

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Salon A: 10:30 The Apache Way 11:00 Messaging, Email, Jabber, SIP 11:30 How to get started to contribute in Apache & Why 12:00 What happens when someone nips your topic in BarCamp 12:30 LUNCH: Lunchwalk with Bruce @1pm 13:30 Versioning/Modularity, Java8, OSGi, Maven 14:00 OpenOffice & ODF Toolkit 14:30 OAuth, OpenID, UIMA 15:00 MapReduce Exchange Experience 15:30 Rave (incubating) 16:00 Microsoft and Hadoop 16:30 Build your own Hadoop distro Salo... [read more]

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Nick Burch posted Sunday Dinner?

For those of you who've arrived already, who fancies a spot of dinner tonight? It looks like Denman Street (almost at the end of our road) has plenty of good places to eat on it, do people want to meet in the hotel lobby at 7.30pm to go and find somewhere?

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This year we'll again be running a Fast Feather Track at ApacheCon. For those who are new to the idea, the Fast Feather Track is were we give people a chance to present a 20 minute talk on something new / exciting / fun. It's a wonderful chance to spread the word about new incubating projects, new features coming out of existing projects, or new tools and technologies which make developing ASF projects easier! If you're interested in giving a 20 ... [read more]

Nick Burch: We're about to start posting the schedule, and we have some excellent talks in the track! We've opted to leave one slot free though for now, which we'll be filling on Monday morning with the best submission from over the weekend. If you'd like to tal... [read more]

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In addition to the regular scheduled conference, this year at ApacheCon we've also got two BarCamps happening. These are on the Tuesday and Saturday, either side of the main conference. The first BarCamp is taking place on Tuesday 8th, in the conference venue, the day before the main conference starts. The event kicks off at 10am, and you don't need to pre-register. Simply come along to the Bayshore Grand Ballroom on the main floor and sign up. E... [read more]

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Announcing new Birds of a Feather session: Thursday 10 November 7PM/MacKenzie Room (1st Floor). This session will look at how the WebSphere Application Server is evolving to address the requirements of Developers. Developers need a lightweight WebSphere execution environment - in Eclipse - whose configuration is simple to edit, version and share, whose footprint is closely tailored to the application's needs, and whose execution behaviour has hig... [read more]

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Sally Khudairi posted The Foodie Dinner is ON!

SORRY: We're oversubscribed -- no more spots available! The 12th edition of the Sally/HALO Foodie Dinner is taking place at C Restaurant 8PM Thursday, 10 November, after the Lightning Talks. Will likely be featuring 5-6 course prix fixe based on menu at http://www.crestaurant.com/. Event history/past dinners at http://apacheconna2010.crowdvine.com/posts/14767863. Half of the available spots remain! Ping me at sk@apache.org if interested in joinin... [read more]

Shane Curcuru: This is the first thing I schedule during my ApacheCon weeks, so you already know I'll be there! Thanks for playing the amazing host, Sally!
Sally Khudairi: UPDATE: we will be dining at the award-winning, staunchly sustainable C Restaurant. We'll have a set, 5 course menu featuring 100-mile/farm-to-table/ocean-wise scallops, sablefish, ribeye, cheeses, sweets, and more. Champagne and canapes are on me. W... [read more]

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As with past ApacheCons, this year's conference promises to be a great event, brings the best minds in Open Source together with an impressive attendee roster from across the globe. We'll be kicking off the week with pre-conference Trainings, @ApacheCon Twitter feed for the latest event updates and announcements. + if you have any logistical needs, drop us a note at planners-2011-na@apachecon.com.

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We're about 4 weeks out now from ApacheCon, and we're in the process of working out which communities are interested in hosting a Meetup one evening at ApacheCon. These could be for just one projects, or they could be for several projects in a similar space who want to get together. The meetup could just be discussions, or it could have formal talks, perhaps a barcamp-style un-conference, a brain-storming session for the new release, or some comb... [read more]

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Shane Curcuru posted +1 Friend ApacheCon

ApacheCon is social networking neutral - we support all the major ones. Show your support and attendance at ApacheCon on your favorite social network: ApacheCon on FaceBook ApacheCon on LinkedIn ApacheCon on Xing ApacheCon on Upcoming ApacheCon on Lanyrd ApacheCon on CrowdVine (our default social network!)

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Dave posted Profiles

Please update your profile page with a picture, if possible, and let us know which projects you're interested in

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Sally Khudairi posted ApacheCon: Will You Submit?

The CFP is for ApacheCon North America is open! We've got a new submission process that's a snap. Check it out under the "Submit" link, but be sure to do so before 29 April :-)

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