ApacheCon NA 2011

Jim Jagielski

Web/Open Source visionary and advocate Jim Jagielski currently serves as Sr Consulting Software Engineer for Red Hat, Inc.. It was his association with Apple's first effort with Unix, A/UX, that started his guru reputation on the 'Net.   Since then, Jagielski has made developer and porting contributions to numerous Open Source projects, including Perl, sendmail, BIND/named, PHP, xntpd, GNU, cgiwrap and FreeBSD. He's also written a lot of independent code but is likely best known as a long-time core developer of Apache httpd and other ASF projects. Jagielski also serves on the Board of Directors of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), which he co-founded and holds the position of President.

Apache httpd 2.4: The Web Server for the Cloud
November 10 10:00AM
The latest version of the venerable Apache web server, v2.4, includes numerous enhancements over all previous versions. But the biggest improvements have been made in creating a web server which is ideally suited for Cloud environments.

This session will go into the improvements within Apache httpd of interest to cloud developers and users.

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