ApacheCon NA 2011

Ted Husted

Ted Husted is an author, consultant, and speaker. His books include Google Wave (Preview) Explained, JUnit in Action, Struts in Action, and Professional JSP Site Design. Ted has consulted with teams throughout the United States, including CitiGroup, Nationwide Insurance, and Pepsi Bottling Group, and he is a regular speaker at ApacheCon and the Ajax Experience. Ted is also a former member of the Apache Struts project and co-founder of the Apache (Jakarta) Commons. You can follow him on Twitter and on several LinkedIn Groups.

.NET @ Apache.org
November 11 2:30PM
Like it or not, many open source developers are moving to the Microsoft .NET platform, and we're bringing our favorite tools with us! In this session, we look inside ASF projects that are creating software for .NET and Mono -- like ActiveMQ, Chemistry, Logging, Lucene, QPid, and Thrift -- and show how to create leading-edge ASP.NET applications with ASF open source libraries. We'll also look at integrating other .NET open source projects, like Spring.NET, NVelocity, and JayRock, into your C# application to create a complete open source .NET stack.

The Secret Life of Open Source
November 10 10:00AM
Apache, GNU, Mozilla, Ubuntu, PHP, LibreOffice, Wikipedia -- Today, there are hundreds of open source groups, each with its own culture, methodology, and governance model.

* How are these groups alike?

* How are they different?

* Is there one true path to open source enlightenment, or do many paths converge around a common singularity?

Join open source insider Ted Husted as we look behind the curtain to see who's pulling strings that steer your favorite open source projects.

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