ApacheCon NA 2011

Nick Burch

Nick is the PMC chair for the POI project, as well as a committer on Tika. He works as a senior developer at Alfresco, a leading open source Enterprise Content Management vendor. He is a big fan of many aspects of agile and extreme development, and rapid web development frameworks such as Django. Nick is an ASF member, Current interests include agile and extreme development, Django and python, mobile development and open geodata.

If you have the content, Apache has the technology
November 10 10:00AM
Within the ASF, there are a wide variety of projects with technologies to help you store, retrieve, host, transform and generate content. This talk will review the landscape of Apache content technologies, provide a quick introduction to the more common and more interesting projects, and flag up new and innovative features within them. It'll also highlight talks from the rest of the week on many of the projects covered, so that you'll know where and when to go to learn more about those projects and technologies which catch your eye!

The other Apache technologies your big data solution needs
November 10 2:30PM
You've gone to the talks on Hadoop / SOLR / NoSQL / etc, and now you're ready to start building your own solution on top of that! What you might not realise is that you may end up reinventing some bits of the wheel whilst building your system..

In this talk we'll take a whistle-stop tour through a number of the projects from the Apache Software Foundation, that aren't "big data" projects, but which could prove very helpful to you in building your big data solution. Knowing about these projects should help you build a better big data solution, and build it faster!

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