ApacheCon NA 2011

Paul Weinstein

With the popularization of the Internet, Paul has devoted his energies to developing and integrating web-based systems. In doing so he has become knowledgeable in the workings of many tools of the trade; Linux, FreeBSD, Apache, Perl, PHP, PostgreSQL and MySQL among others. Currently Paul resides in Chicago and works at Orbit Media Studios, Inc. as a Web Programmer Analyst.

The Power of the mod_proxy Modules
November 10 2:30PM
This presentation reviews the concepts of web proxies and load balancing, covers the creation and maintenance of proxies (forward and reverse) for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP using Apache and mod_proxy and how mod_proxy_balancer can be used to provide a basic load balancing solution. Configuration Examples of implementing proxies and load balancer will be discussed including; how and when mod_proxy modules can help, configuring mod_proxy for forward or reverse proxy and configuring mod_proxy_balancer for one or more backend web servers.

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