ApacheCon NA 2011

Karl Wright

I am the original developer and a principal committer of the Apache ManifoldCF project, a project undergoing incubation at ASF. I have extensive experience in content management, speech recognition, and compiler development, and I am the author of Borland's Turbo Assembler. I am also the author of the book ManifoldCF in Action, available from Manning Publishing. I hold computer science degrees from both M.I.T. and Stanford University, and I currently work for Nokia, Inc.

ManifoldCF for Content Acquisition
November 10 2:30PM
I'll introduce ManifoldCF, and describe the general enterprise content acquisition and indexing problem which led to its development. I will discuss accessing multiple repositories, enforcing repository security, and incrementally keeping indexes up to date. I'll give an overview of its architecture, and demonstate simple crawls and a secure integration with Apache Solr.

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