ApacheCon NA 2011

Bertrand Delacretaz

Bertrand Delacretaz works as a Senior Developer in the Enterprise R&D team of Adobe Systems Inc (www.day.com), using open source tools to create world-class content management systems and frameworks. Bertrand is an active member and current director of the Apache Software Foundation, involved in a number of Apache projects as a committer, PMC member and incubation mentor.

Life in Open Source communities
November 10 4:00PM
Open Source communities often seem to have their own unwritten rules of operation and communication, their own jargon and their own etiquette, which sometimes make them appear obscure and closed to outsiders. In this talk, we'll provide recommendations on how to get touch with, and how to join, Open Source communities. Based on ten years of experience in various Open Source projects, we will provide practical information on how to communicate effectively on mailing lists, how to formulate questions in an effective way, how to contribute in ways that add value to the project, and generally how to interact with Open Source communities in ways that are mutually beneficial. This talk will help Open Source beginners get closer to the communities that matter to them, and help more experienced community members understand how to welcome and guide newcomers.

Open Source enables Open Innovation
November 9 4:00PM
Open source is more than just a licence, it is also a software development methodology that allows companies to share resources and collaborate on critical parts of their software/service offerings.
Open innovation means combining internal and external ideas, and internal and external paths to market, to advance a company's technology.
The parallels should be obvious, yet people don't always think as open source as an enabler for open innovation. Open source, if done right, brings many external eyeballs and fast feedback to the software development process.
We will show how those eyeballs and feedback can make a huge difference in a company's potential for innovation, and as a result provide compelling arguments for moving large parts of your software development efforts to open source, as Day Software (now part of Adobe) started doing a few years ago.

OSGi for mere mortals
November 11 9:00AM
In the last few years, OSGi has become "the" module system for Java - but is OSGi just for gurus, or are mere mortals actually able to use it?
The simple tutorial RESTful server application presented in this talk aims to demonstrate that the average Java developer can actually use OSGi, and greatly benefit from it. It is built from scratch based on a set of standard and custom OSGi services, in a simple and understandable way.
Taking advantage of a number of build plugins and runtime tools provided by the Apache Felix and Apache Sling projects allows us to write little code in our example application, while exposing the advantages of an OSGi-based architecture in a simple and convincing way.
Our walkthrough of the example application will give developers a way to get started with OSGi, without getting bogged in unnecessary details.

The Business of Open Source - Panel
November 9 11:00AM
The ApacheCon Business Track has expanded over the past nine conferences, addressing an array of key business, marketing and legal/licensing issues in Open Source. Our panel of influencers will answer your questions on The Business of Open Source, that includes customer requirements, application opportunities, deployment challenges, best practices, product development, standards compliance, business model disruptors, and more. Moderator Sally Khudairi will create a lively, interactive dialogue by inviting comments from the audience throughout the session.

PANELISTS INCLUDE Debbie Moynihan of FuseSource, Ross Turk of Talend, Kevin Carson of Hewlett-Packard, and Bertrand Delacretaz of Adobe Systems.

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