ApacheCon NA 2011

Philip M. Gollucci

VP Apache Infrastructure, root@ mod_perl, httpd, apr committer FreeBSD ports committer I spend my weekends rebuilding my flood damaged house after which I'll be getting a labrador retriever.

Inside the Apache Infrastructure Tream
November 11 10:00AM
Have you ever wondered how a team of barely 10 rotating volunteers and 2 paid staff can manage a 24x7x365 infrastructure that spans 3 continents and is used by millions of people across the globe? All without any offices and the bare minimum of paper work?
Well now's your chance! Hear it directly from the camels mouth, the VP of Apache Infrastructure. We'll tell you all the technologies, how staff is managed, how responsibilities are delegated out, how we deal with 3rd party vendors, and best of all how we leverage the Apache Way to accomplish our goals.

FreeBSD + ASF software & philosphy + ZFS == large $$ bonuses from your boss
November 11 3:30PM
A record holing TCP/IP stack, *the* cutting edge File System, and most respected Software collection..... What do you get? A much happier system admin and a much better work place. The cloud might be hot stuff, but its not for everyone or every task. How can you take your existing Data Center infrastructure and make it better?

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