ApacheCon NA 2011

Owen O'Malley

Owen O'Malley is a Software Architect in Yahoo's Hadoop development team and is an Apache member and member and original chair of Hadoop's Program Management Committee. He has been a Hadoop committer since March of 2006 and more than 200 of his patches have been committed to Hadoop. He was the technical lead on adding security in to Hadoop. Before working on Hadoop, he worked on Yahoo Search's Webmap that builds and analyzes the graph of the World Wide Web. Prior to Yahoo, he worked at NASA Ames Research Center on software model checking and at Sun working on a distributed version control system. He received his PhD in Software Engineering from University of California, Irvine.

State of the Elephant: Hadoop yesterday, today and tomorrow
November 11 9:00AM
Apache Hadoop is rapidly gaining usage across the enterprise market and has become the primary framework for processing large datasets. It helps companies derive more value from the data that they already have and enables them to collect and analyze more data. Spreading for the early adopters in the internet sites (Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and Ebay) to a much wider audience, Hadoop is disrupting the business of analyzing data. The presentation will describe the current state of the project, lessons learned by deploying it at scale, and the roadmap for the future of the project.

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