ApacheCon NA 2011

Jean Frederic Clere

Jean-Frederic has spent more than 20 years writing client/server software.^M He is committer in APR, Jakarta, Httpd and Tomcat and he likes complex projects where different languages and machines are involved.^M Borne in France, Jean-Frederic lived in Barcelona (Spain) for 14 years. Since May 2006 he lives in Neuchatel (Switzerland) where he works for RedHat in the JBoss division.

Using Tomcat-Native with Comet/Asynch call in Servlet 3.0
November 9 11:00AM
Browsers and web servers are standards and the need for instantaneous data exchange has grown. AJAX for example allows web clients to communicate "asynchronously" with remote web servers.

Comet is a Tomcat feature that goes beyond AJAX and allow real asynchronous unidirectional and bi-directional connections between client and server using the HTTPprotocol and Servlets.

Servlet 3.0 SPEC's are also providing asynchronous calls see what is possible do with them.

Tomcat-Native is a Tomcat sub-project that provides a non-blocking and very efficient SSL connections.
Tomcat-Native relies on the APR (Apache Portable Runtime) for Socket input/output and use OpenSSL to make the cryptographic layers.
Comparison of the performance of Tomcat, Tomcat + APR and httpd.

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