ApacheCon NA 2011

Issac Goldstand

Issac has been involved in the Web community for over 13 years. Having been fascinated by the growing web since the early 90s, he decided to learn how it all worked. Starting with basic HTML in 1997, he moved to working on some HTTP-related IETF standards in 1999-2000. Around then he started to pick up Perl to use in basic CGI scripts. From there, he quickly advanced to mod_perl, hacking on the Apache HTTP server and writing finely-tuned web applications. Today, he is 30, happily married with 2 boys, and somehow found himself caught in the crux between online marketing and internet technologies.

Serving "Web" Over IPv6
November 11 9:00AM
Over the course of 2011, pressure has been steadily rising to move over from IPv4 to IPv6, but many developers, IT engineers and even users don't have a clue of how it all works.

This presentation will introduce IPv6 to newcomers, and explain basic setup for popular Apache technologies, including the Apache Web Server and Apache Tomcat.

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