ApacheCon NA 2011

David Boloker

David Boloker is CTO of IBM's Emerging Internet Technology group and also holds the title of Distinguished Engineer. David is leading work in many areas including Mobile, Visual Editing, Next-generation collaboration, commercialization of the Watson machine as well as working with the COPDGene Foundation to study the inherited factors that make some people more likely to develop Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). David is responsible for the Internet platform so that the doctors and Researchers can collaborate online sharing textual, CT and genetic information. David is also responsible for forming IBM's technical strategy around the emerging markets of mobile devices and the desktop Web. In this role, he leads an globally distributed IBM team researching new areas in software design. In the Watson work, David and his team are taking the system that played Jeopardy (TM ) and creating a multipurpse machine that can analyse information and provide solutions across the industry from Healthcare to Financial to Retail.

Throughout David's extensive career at IBM, he has held the role of CTO for Java technology, he's worked at IBM's esteemed Thomas J. Watson Research Center, and the Cambridge Scientific Center doing research in the area of remote distribution and control of hardware and software systems, dynamic I/O configuration of operating systems and secure internet gateways.

Keynote | Watson, a Reasoning System: based on Apache Inside!
November 11 11:30AM
IBM Watson is a reasoning system with a question and answer front end that processes natural language coming from both structured and unstructured data. Watson additionally
incorporates analytics that the system learns to derive answer confidence and scoring. Boloker will discuss the Watson System and some of its key foundations that came from the Apache Software Foundation.

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