ApacheCon NA 2011

Supercharging your Apache OODT deployments with the Process Control System

5:00 - 5:50pm on Wednesday, November 9 in Salon A

With the advent of OODT-139 and with recent work to build REST-ful services for the Apache OODT Catalog and Archive Service (CAS) components, users now have the capability to rapidly monitor their OODT deployments and their collective health, along with perform multi-component downstream analysis, including file pedigree tracking and provenance.

This discussion will outline the importance and unique user capabilities afforded by the Process Control System (PCS) core package, along with the PCS REST services work undertaken in OODT-139. Real world Apache OODT deployments in the area of Regional Climate Modeling, Decision Support for Snow Data, Radioastronomy and in Biomedicine will be discussed, and the use of PCS will be described in an end-to-end example.

This session should be applicable for folks with a basic understand of the Apache OODT CAS components and should show how to rapidly take advantage of the exciting new PCS features making their way into Apache OODT 0.3.

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