ApacheCon NA 2011

A look into the Apache OODT ecosystem

11:00 - 11:50am on Wednesday, November 9 in Salon A

Apache OODT is the first ever NASA project to be hosted at the Apache Software Foundation. After nearly a year of Incubation time, during which the OODT community translated from a set of collaborating NASA, university, and other government institutions into a set of collaborating individuals working together at the Apache Software Foundation, Apache OODT was made a top level project in November 2010.

One of the most frequent things we see in the OODT community however is the desire from our users and other individuals to know more about the overall ecosystem. As a project and community, OODT has existed for 10+ years, and spans the areas of technology, research, and academics, including numerous book chapters, journal articles and peer reviewed conference publications documenting OODT's use in different science domains and across multiple projects.

This overview talk will give attendees insight into OODT's history: its community: its projects: and its ecosystem. Topics will include:

- overview of OODT and its history
- how we got it to Apache
- how other projects can follow our model
- existing successful deployments of OODT
- pointers to papers, and more information including case studies

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