ApacheCon NA 2011

One Day -- Open Source Sustainability Maturity Model

10:00 - 5:30pm on Monday, November 7

Open source software projects need to ensure that people are willing
and able to engage with their software communities. Similarly,
businesses seeking to adopt open source solutions need to be sure they
can do so without exposing themselves to unmanageable risk. This one
day training session will provide you with the skills to evaluate the
maturity of the non-technical aspects of an open source software
solution. Using this evaluation project users and developers can
clearly see any weak points in their development and governance
processes. Once identified those weaknesses can be addressed or
avoided as appropriate.

Having completed this session participants will be able to answer the
question of "Can a business be built on project FooBar?"

This may seem like a simple question? Indeed, from a technical
evaluation point of view you are likely to be quite comfortable with
how to go about finding the answer. But dig a little deeper, there are
many non-technical questions buried underneath, such as:

* Will the project still be there in a year, five years, ten yeats,
* Can I influence the project to ensure it suite my needs?
* Can I buy support if I need it?
* What if the project leadership stop development tomorrow?
* Will the license restrict my business model?
* What are the main risks and how do I mitigate against them?
* If I do bet my business on it what aspects of the project must I
focus my attention on first?

Having completed this one day training session you will be able to
answer all the questions, and many more, with confidence. You will
understand how to evaluate the health of an open source project
community and plan for a sustianble engagement with that project.

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