ApacheCon NA 2011

Two Day -- Solr Developers Workshop

10:00 - 5:30pm on Monday, November 7

Solr Developers Workshop brings developers up to speed with the necessities of working with Apache Solr, the fast, scalable, feature- rich Lucene search server. First we’ll cover the various ways to bring data into Solr, including CSV, XML/JSON, relational databases, rich documents (such as Word, PDF, HTML, etc). We’ll then explore Solr’s capabilities and features: faceting, spell checking / suggest, highlighting, grouping / clustering, and more. Next, we’ll delve into integrating Solr into your environments, such as PHP, JSP, Ajax/JSON, and Rails. We will conclude with production deployment considerations and best practices for relevancy tuning, scalability, and performance. Half-day workshops will be primarily lecture-style to sufficiently cover the necessary material.

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