ApacheCon NA 2011

Wicket meets Scala and CouchDB

1:30 - 2:20pm on Wednesday, November 9 in Salon F

This session goes through the environment setup of a Java Web application built over Wicket, Scala and CouchDB, to a full application development, demonstrating what can be done to improve productivity of the development process of small to medium-size web apps. The intent is to present to developers and atendees the benefits of this architecture and how their projects could be built in less time achieving superiour code quality, with less lines of code.

Apache Wicket is a successfull Top Level Project at the Apache Software Foundation. Its aim is to bring simplicity and perfect distinction between presentation layer and server-side code. Apache CouchDB is one of the most straight-forward document-based NoSQL datastores. Scala is a functional, type-safe and object-oriented programming language on top of the Java Platform.

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